Worrell Announces Partnership With Orbita to Deliver Leading-Edge Voice-First Technology Offerings for Digital Home Care

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – August 10, 2017 – (Newswire.com)

Global healthcare design and innovation firm, Worrell, Inc. today announced its collaboration with Orbita, Inc., the leading digital platform for “Voice First” experience management, to test the feasibility of voice assistant technology, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, to reduce costs and improve quality of care in highly personalized home healthcare settings.

“For the first time, we have extremely powerful and low-cost hardware as well as capabilities to design conversations that trigger meaningful interactions among patients and the clinicians, caregivers, and family members who help manage chronic diseases,” said Kai Worrell, CEO of Worrell. “Voice offers an exceptional channel to learn from patients and to impact their decisions, all with goals of improving adherence to medications and treatment plans, ensuring clinical trial success, and assisting with self-care education for a myriad of in-home health and medical needs.”

Designers and researchers at Worrell are currently collaborating on a pilot study focused on a cohort of diabetes patients who will use Amazon Echo Dots in their homes to help manage their condition. Using patient survey responses, daily health assessments and open-ended qualitative activities, ethnographic insights will be gathered to increase knowledge of managing chronic disease with a voice-based UI and gain an understanding of constraints.

“We’re giving people with Types I and II diabetes the power of voice to complete health assessments, connect with support systems, and report health concerns,” said Kristin Shardlow, Worrell’s director of experience design. “Voice-based UIs present huge opportunities for the healthcare industry. We can tailor questions and responses to each individual, use machine learning to identify patterns, and personalize care using this rich medium of connection into the home.”

According to Orbita CEO Bill Rogers, “Worrell is well-respected for excellence in design for healthcare and we are thrilled to be partnering with them as they apply their expertise to innovate in the new world of voice. We anticipate many opportunities to learn from and share with one another in this fast-moving environment.”

Worrell’s developers are using Orbita’s voice experience design software to quickly design and deploy custom Alexa skills that specifically support this diabetes-focused study. Additional healthcare projects are already on the radar. Worrell is also using Orbita’s web-based portal which provides simple tools for managing the data Worrell captures, streamlining data synthesis with smart analytics, and showcasing information with advanced data visualization.

About Worrell, Inc.

Worrell is a multifaceted healthcare design and innovation firm. Since 1976, its team of impassioned creatives has applied the principles of design to the practice of medicine. Today, Worrell works with some of the largest hospital systems, medical device, pharmaceutical, and technology companies to provide better products and services that transform the healthcare landscape. www.worrell.com

About Orbita, Inc.

Orbita helps organizations in healthcare and other industries leverage voice as the next digital frontier to improve process, build brands, engage users, and drive commerce. Orbita’s software is used to design, build, and manage next-generation voice assistants based on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice application services. The company developed a first-of-its kind natural language engagement engine that enables anyone, regardless of technical skill, to easily create and maintain highly engaging, intelligent conversational voice experiences.  www.orbita.ai
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