Healthwise and Orbita Showcase Amazon Echo-powered Healthcare Knowledge Assistant at HIMSS 2017, Orlando, February 19-23, Booth #1523

Orlando – February 19, 2017 – Orbita, Inc., a leading provider of innovative software solutions for connected home healthcare, will join forces with Healthwise® at HIMSS 2017 to showcase a breakthrough in remote patient engagement and education.  Healthwise, the industry leader in evidence-based health education, technology and services, will demonstrate a voice-powered knowledge assistant based on Orbita Voice™ technology and built using Healthwise Content as a Service, which gives organizations the flexibility they need to use health content wherever they need to make the biggest impact. Visitors can see the solution at HIMSS Booth #1523.

Orbita Voice is a first-of-its-kind voice experience manager that builds on voice assistant platforms like Amazon Alexa to enable intuitive, patient-centric home care experiences that improve patient engagement and education, thereby contributing to better outcomes and reduced costs of care.

By integrating  Healthwise Content as a Service into Orbita Voice, organizations can take patient education to a new level.  Voice assistants provide a more natural and intuitive way for patients to access information, helping them be more engaged and informed participants in their own health and wellness.  With the Orbita / Healthwise integration, a patient or family member can ask health-related questions and hear Healthwise content delivered through the Orbita-powered voice assistant.

“Orbita Voice’s use of our new Content as a Service offering shows the innovative potential in untethering health education from traditional constraints,” said Jason Burum, chief client officer at Healthwise. “Now organizations can easily integrate content how and where they like, bringing a whole new level of interaction to consumer health engagement.”

“Patient education will be greatly enhanced as voice assistants are more widely embraced,” said Bill Rogers, Orbita CEO. “Together, Orbita and Healthwise are bringing healthcare providers an incredibly rich suite of educational content and voice-powered user experiences that truly engage, inform, and empower patients.”

About Orbita

Orbita is an innovator of connected home healthcare solutions that dramatically increase patient engagement, optimize care coordination, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.  Healthcare organizations, device manufacturers and service providers use Orbita’s cloud platform and care journey management solutions to create, deploy and manage secure, connected healthcare applications that combine data from wearables and other connected devices into collaborative care experiences. Orbita’s voice solutions enable quick, easy development and management of intelligent voice assistants based on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other voice platforms.

About Healthwise

Healthwise is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help people make better health decisions. People have turned to Healthwise information nearly than 2 billion times to learn how to do more for themselves, ask for the care they need, and say “no” to the care they don’t need. Healthwise partners with hospitals, electronic medical record (EMR) providers, health plans, care management companies, and health websites to provide up-to-date, evidence-based information to the people they serve. 1.800.706.9646.

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